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We would like to inform you that starting on 1st JULY 2015 all guests will be charged a new “INFRASTRUCTURE TAX” imposed by the Zanzibar Revenue Board (ZRB).
The disbursement for guests will be USD 1 per person per night  and will be shown and charged directly on the hotel bill. The tax is applicable to both adults and children.
Emerald Collection - Dream of Zanzibar
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Giant Tortoises, Red Monkeys and Spice

Stone Town Trip

This Unesco World Heritage site is a museum of architectural history with Arab, European and African influence. It is the old coastal quarter of Zanzibar’s capital and the centre of the historic spice and slave trade. You can visit the busy colourful market and catch some local atmosphere in the narrow streets.

Mini Safari

Visit the Jozani rain forest which is a natural reserve and home to the Red Colobus Monkeys, they are easily spotted and much photographed. There are also butterflies, over 40 species of birds and bush babies jumping about the foliage.

Spice tour

Zanzibar is the ‘Spice Island’, on this tour around a farm you will discover where the spices in your cupboard come from. You will be fascinated to pick pepper corns in clusters from a tree, peel cinnamon bark, taste natural vanilla, nutmeg, ginger and turmeric.

Dolphin Watch

Set off early for the southern coast to have a good chance of spotting the bottle nose dolphins; in the afternoon, when the sun warms up the sea they go to deeper cooler waters. Watch these delightful creatures play with their pod, jump and feed.

Giant Tortoises

A visit to Prison Island is a magical encounter with à large colony of giant tortoises. It doesn’t take long to stroll along all the paths of this small island, where you can easily count dozens of these aged creatures and spot wildlife in the trees. The beach is pristine and there is some good snorkeling.